Within 10 miles from home, residents can find a number of beaches, including: Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, and Shell Beach. With all different climate and atmospheres, find the beach that is right for you.

Avila Beach
This beach offers a small-town feel with some great food and shops and little tourism. With usually warmer climates, enjoy bathing in the sun and some peace and quiet.

Pismo Beach
It is probably the most active and busy beach. The main site for tourists and college students alike makes Pismo the hub of central coast beaches. Enjoy famous dining at Splash Café and shopping at Pancho’s Surfshop. Rent surfboards and kayaks for a day of fun in the ocean. Go down the beach to the dunes where you can rent ATV’s or go on a guided Humvee tour!

Shell Beach
Shell is inhabited almost exclusively by college students. With a less inhabited beach it is ideal for skim boarding and surfing. The private atmosphere makes it the perfect hang-out for the students.

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